About Kontakta

Kontakta is a non-profit industry- and interest association for companies and organisations that work with customer contact (customer service and sales) through the phone and/or digital channels. Kontakta is also the only industry representative in Sweden for customer services and telemarketing!

Kontakta sees customer services and telemarketing as one of the key components in the development of business in Sweden. Without any contact or communication with the customers, sales representatives, members and citizens, it is almost impossible for companies and organisations to be well-functioning.

In this regard, Kontakta exists in order to create a focus upon this subject as well as contribute with different perspectives in everything that involves contact with any of those millions of customers that are dealt with on a daily basis in Sweden today, whether it is sales or service. Thus, Kontakta promotes seriousness and quality as a first step into creating a healthy climate between consumers, society and all of the companies that work with customer contact.

As previously mentioned, Kontakta is a non-profit association for all companies that work with customer contact at a distance; through their customer service department, sales department or on the behalf of other companies. Through contact and engagement with politicians and the formation of opinion, active participation in matters of legislation, development of business ethics, norms and rules, Kontakta works to help their members to have a better climate when making business.

Kontakta is the voice of its members in matters of both business as well as labour market policy that might threaten their interests. We mainly focus upon topics that are important for a continuous development and expansion of the market of our members. A non-profit organisation is only as strong as its members, and thus, the more of us there are, the stronger Kontakta becomes.

A brief history of Kontakta:
1987 Philip Cohen founded STMF, Sveriges Telemarketing Förening.

2001 STMF changes its name to SCCF, Sveriges Callcenter Förening, since the member companies also has incoming calls in their customer services. The organisation has 16 members.

2006 SCCF has its first joined member that holds their customer service inhouse, namely Swedbank.

2009 SCCF has 70 members and is now representing outsourcing companies, banks, telecom-, energy-, insurance- and media companies as well as associated members within IT, staffing and education.

2011 SCCF has 85 members that work with customer contact at a distance. SCCF has successfully influenced politicians and the formation of opinion in matters that are important to the members of the organisation.

2012 SCCF changes its name to Kontakta. The reason to the change was due to both technological as well as societal developments. Since the communication between customers and companies occurs in many different ways, Kontakta wanted to keep its focus on the actual customer contact rather than the technology itself!

Kontaktadagen is arranged for the first time; an event that quickly became one of the largest customer contact center events in Sweden.

2015 Trygg Kundkontakt is established; a quality award for companies that handle customer contact through the phone and digital channels in line with Swedish legislation and market practice.

2018 GuldKontakt is established; a competition that appoints Sweden's best customer service, telemarketing and switchboard.

2019 Kontakta has now been joined by 135 members.